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Our company was founded in 1992 as a transport-based business to haul solid waste from Klang Valley's industrial sector to government-approved landfill sites. Our range of services today also include the management of recycable wastes for Multi-National companies (MNC's). Over the past eight (8) years, have expanded our truck fleet to include the specialized transport of scheduled wastes (waste oil & spent catalysts).

Our experienced team are also engaged very often to perform "on-site" destruction and disposal of rejected merchandise.This service is especially useful for factories that enjoy sales tax exemption or who need to make insurance claims on off-spec products.

Today, we also have the capability of providing consultancy services for biomass composting and vermiculture.

Our strength is that, being a medium-sized company, we are able to provide better quality services to clients who have selected us based on our capabilities, not our prices. As such we always feel obligated and indeed, honoured to provide our very best efforts in providing the latest waste minimization ideas to our clients.

Hi-Tech Waste

Hi-Tech Waste Management's Environmental Policy

Consistently comply with all of Malaysia's environmental laws.

Continually re-train staff to improve our procedures to have neutral impact on the environment.

Seek to refine our services in a manner that will help our clients minimize impact on the environment.

Continually improve Hi-Tech's ISO14001 Environmental Management System and prevention of pollution.


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